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Together, WE CAN create peace! We invite you to join us as a Peacemaker Subscribers for our monthly programs. Each month we have a different peacemaking theme. We begin with our Summit to open up a month of custom-crafted offerings including live sessions with our Guides, replays, resources, and engagement with other Peacemaker Subscribers.

Sign up NOW and pay your PEACEMAKER SUBSCRIPTION of $10 per month to participate in all of our offerings. Receive your first 30 days free!

The Living Peace Now platform is also home to a growing number of subgroups, such as the Unity Center of Peace. We welcome partnerships with groups to use our platform. As an option for subgroup members, we offer a 50% discount to engage in our monthly programs as paid Peacemaker Subscribers.

Here, you will be supported in mindfulness and in deepening your awareness of the spiritual dimension, so you can turn away from fear, illness, and financial lack, and, instead, use your  inspired creative  power to build the positive outcome you desire going forward. We know that how we think and what we pay attention to creates our experiences.  We envision experiencing and focusing together on the Universal Good in our hearts and on our planet.  We trust the beneficent power of love that helps us humans  bring about and experience positive outcomes, even from situations that may at first seem impossible.  We invite you to join with us to help make a positive difference in our world.

Living Peace Now is a collaborative community of Peacemakers, incorporated as a not for profit, public benefit organization. We are consciously spiritual and not religious, focusing on creating better, happier lives globally, with our subscribers and participants. We are all teachers, leaders, and forces for good in the world. Our organization consists of Connected Peacemakers. Learn more at

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