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About Us

About Us

Living Peace Now
Vision, Mission, Values, Audience

Together, WE CAN create peace! We invite you to join us in this adventure today as a fellow Peacemaker. Subscribe for access to discussions, live events and recorded programs with monthly themes.

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We envision creating a worldwide community of small groups whose members have determined to become Peacemakers, through collaborating with other small communities worldwide, to make the world kinder and more inclusive for all people, and to nurture our planet and all its beings. We find joy collaborating and sharing in community, discovering ways to make a positive difference across the world. We collaborate across all preconceived barriers to create radically inclusive opportunities for ordinary people to be the difference we need for a harmonious global society. Together, we can make a big difference and have fun doing it! We invite and encourage Peacemakers of all origins to join us in valuing our universal Consciousness above divisive cultural labels, rituals, beliefs and practices.


Living Peace Now invites all people, inclusively, to join in global friendship, based on Peace as the Core Value of all our lives – all ages, all nationalities, all abilities, all ethnicities and origins and appearances, all languages, all geographic locations – ALL, as ONE. There is only “we” – no “they.” We envision exploring what that WE means, We intend to learn and practice the skills we must develop to live it inside and out, in joyful, playful virtual community. We envision all aspects of our lives blossoming as a result of participating in Living Peace Now – our inner serenity, our wholeness and health, our daily sense of alignment, and our adventure in joyful, creative, allowing. We know that no matter how complicated life may seem, every good is enfolded in loving and being loved, and that we each have within us the higher intelligence to KNOW when we are on the right track, by how freeing and loving a course of action feels. We reject the idea of victimhood – our own and that of any other living creature. Finally, we know we are called to express universal Love – to awaken our power to be a force for good, and focus our energy there. We pledge to exchange love with all conscious beings in the cosmos and the universe, including our planet Earth and ALL its inhabitants. We invite YOU to become a Connected Peacemaker by subscribing to Living Peace Now.


We envision connecting with universal Mind through inclusive ideas and expressions of Love, leading to more and more people worldwide experiencing and using resources to increase their peaceful awareness of all beings, and of our Planet Earth and its inhabitants and needs. We find deep joy in knowing and honoring our Oneness as conscious expressions of all that is Good. Together, we Peacemakers create and share increasingly better ways to bring about global harmony.

Special Audiences

We have identified the following groups as populations where we can offer specific services, and whom we especially invite to join us in Connected Peacemaker groups:

  • Undergraduate college students who struggle with stress, uncertainty, anxiety, overload, lack of personal vision, lack of self-confidence.
  • Members and leaders of small spiritual centers or groups of any denomination or none (atheists are welcome, for instance, as are groups of every tradition) who are open to learning more about different faiths and cultures and also who want to become more spiritually alive and aware. 

  • Groups learning together to overcome shared spiritual, emotional, or mental issues (e.g. addiction, mental illness) 

  • Groups learning together to overcome shared spiritual, emotional, or mental issues (e.g. addiction, mental illness) 

  • Small groups of parents of teens who envision sharing dialogue or projects that will help parents and teens become closer and enjoy the process of discovery together.
  • Any small group of people that want to replace their visceral anger and disgust with “others” and instead put that energy into making a positive difference through Oneness.
You get the idea – find your own Peacemaker group and determine your vision. Join us now and set up your profile, then have fun on your spiritual discovery adventure. Group members create and share, or request and receive, whatever support appeals to you. Discover and enjoy your power to create enriching experiences for yourself and others. All people, everywhere, have within them a single awareness of what is right and good. We quickly discover that and rejoice in it when we actually connect. Let’s connect!! Be sure to sign up with us as a Connected Peacemaker Leader, and identify the name of your group.

Our spiritual guides are helping Living Peace Now to create and share our curriculum for Evolving Consciousness, designed to provide all participants in our community with a wealth of spiritual resources and practices from which we can develop deeper awareness for creating lives of Peace. Our Connected Peacemaker Group Leaders will become another group of much appreciated and empowered leaders for creating collaborative, peace-focused ideas and programs.


Our Organization

Living Peace Now is a voluntary community of Peacemakers, incorporated as a not for profit, public benefit organization. We are consciously spiritual and not religious, focusing on helping our subscribers and participants to create better, happier lives wherever and whoever they are. We are all teachers, leaders, and forces for good in the world. Our organization consists of Connected Peacemakers

Our Founders

Rev. Rosemary Hyde

Rosemary is the founder and president of Living Peace Now. She grew up Irish Catholic in Rhode Island, and entered the convent immediately after graduating from high school. Despite her love for things spiritual, she became aware that her spiritual path did not follow prescribed Catholic beliefs, and she finished college outside the convent.

After graduating, she received a Fulbright scholarship to study and teach in France. While there, she did Masters and doctoral work in psychology and linguistics. After returning to the U.S., she finished her doctorate in Psycholinguistics (Psychology of Communication) at St. Louis University. She lived in Missouri for 35 years, as a wife and mother, and also as professor and administrator at St. Louis Community College. She worked with area schools to create Service Learning programs that engaged students in serving poor communities for class credit. During those years, she also studied and practiced Unity principles and spirituality.

Since retiring from teaching, Rev. Rosemary has become an internationally certified homeopathic practitioner, and a Board certified chaplain and spiritual counselor. She has also fulfilled her lifelong calling to ministry by being ordained both as an Interfaith minister and as a Unity minister and teacher. Rev. Rosemary is delighted to serve as co-minister of Unity Center of Peace in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Rosemary posts a series titled “The Way Forward” in Living Peace Now. She shares new ways of thinking, as all of humanity is sharing the Corona Virus experience – learning that we are One,

Nancy Chew, CCC, CPC

During her successful career as a consultant in pharmaceutical regulatory affairs, Nancy spent much of her personal time fulfilling her lifelong thirst for spiritual understanding. Eventually this led to training as a chaplain and Board certification as a pastoral counselor and clinical chaplain. She says, “I see a talk with a chaplain as a safe, confidential, non-anxious, nonjudgmental conversation in which the chaplain listens carefully and helps bring forth a clarified understanding or vision. I approach life with reverence and respect for the earth, its creatures, including all persons. The presence I bring to conversation is mindful and sincere. I often enjoy a smile or a laugh with my conversational partner.” For the Living Peace Now community, Nancy is available to LPN groups and individuals seeking clarification of their spiritual understandings, conflicts, involvements, and questions.