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Welcome Preview Page

Welcome Preview Page

Preview of November Programming from Rev. Rosemary Hyde

"December 2020"

Welcome to Living Peace Now.

We are your global portal to learning to share peace, while you also grow your awareness to become a happier person, and to enhance your self- confidence as a powerful force for good in the universe.

Our theme for December is “Light.” Through Quantum science, we know that life expresses as energy vibrating, and the result of our vibrations is light, expressed in photons. So, first, each of us is, in our aliveness, an expression of Light.

We also know that in the physical dimension in which we are embodied, where every idea has a positive and a negative pole, that yes, we can experience darkness – in our emotions, our heart, and our soul. Our light can weaken and disappear when we are not focusing our mind and heart on love – the energy that is our vibration and our light. When we start to hate, to become filled with fear, or to feel jealous or angry, our effect on the world around us is heavy darkness.

But that darkness—like all darkness – is not a separate entity or being. It is simply a lack of light. Our mission in being here is to find the light and – indeed – to generate light through love and kindness. Our job is to experience and share joy, which is light and love. We are designed to be loving and loved. It feels really good to embrace who we truly are – and the better job we do caring with and about our fellow beings, the happier we find ourselves becoming. Life really is about finding and creating win-win situations.

Finally, none of us can truly help to create peace unless we have begun to be at peace with ourselves – to be gentle with ourselves, even when we make what feel like mistakes. That’s why we’re named ‘LIVING’ Peace Now. That’s the starting point for creating world peace – finding our power to be gentle and to forgive ourselves, and thus to practice compassion – to radiate our Light.

Light is essential to our ability to do things, to create, to be effective. We can all share a little light with each other. During December, the darkest month of the year in the northern hemisphere, we will be studying light. We will practice sharing and appreciating light. We will experience joy in lighting up our hearts and our thoughts. We will reflect on what gives us light, and how we can provide a little more of it to others. By the end of the month, we will share our joy in becoming “light workers” who help make the world a better place for all.

We invite you to become active -- to participate in your favorite program -- meditations, moon ceremonies, learning the metaphysical Laws that govern us and everyone on Earth, creating and leading family and community activities that help us experience creating light , learning to write and speak better English, having our reflections and ideas published in the December booklet called " Reflections: Peaceful Light" , or sharing your talents and having fun at the December Festival. We especially invite folks with experience and talents as leaders and teachers to join our community of teachers and their followers, helping us to spread the world about Living Peace, and to create peace-focused actions for your own community that you can share with others globally.

Please contact us in the list of Peacemakers: -- Rosemary or Sabrina -- to discuss your ideas for teaching and leading Peacemakers, and becoming certified as a Peacemaker. You will be able to welcome your students and followers on your own space at Living Peace Now.

We all look forward to getting to know you, and to being able to work with you and help you to fulfill your vision for help to make the world better, starting with each LPNow participant.


Rev. Dr. Rosemary C. Hyde,
Founder and President,

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