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Global Peacemaking Community

Global Peacemaking Community

Welcome, if you're seeking to build peace in the world, you're in the right place.

Living Peace Now is a voluntary community of Peacemakers, incorporated as a not for profit, public benefit organization.

We are consciously spiritual and not religious, focusing on helping our subscribers and registered participants to create better, happier lives wherever and whoever they are. We are all teachers, leaders, and forces for good in the world. Register on the site, for security purposes, to access the programs that are available to all. Become a paid subscriber and access all of our live sessions and participate in all of our forums.

This Month's Focus: ''Art of Visioning''

I was taught as a small child to make New Years Resolutions at the start of a New Year. And like most people, I had forgotten all about them by the end of February! Every year!!

More recently, as I Have studied Metaphysical Laws and Principles, I have learned strategies to help me turn from Resolutions and Wishes to successful transformations in my life. I have learned how to create and nourish my dreams as productive visions.

This year, we have decided to share those practices with our Living Peace Now Peacemakers and Ambassadors in training.

For January, 2021 , our focus in programs, discussions, and our Reflections booklet will be the Art of Visioning : of making good things come to fruition by understanding and using the metaphysical Law of Mind Action.

We invite you to take advantage during January of our learning programs on Successful Visioning.
-- Rev. Rosemary C Hyde, Ph.D.
Board Certified Chaplain and Pastoral Counselor

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